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The San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camp Experience

     integrative functional training & your goals


The Core Boot Camp platform is a fantastic way to administer an effective integrative functional training program. Boot Camp training typically expends more calories than any other form of training due to the incorporation of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Traditional Military Calisthenics, modern plyometrics as well as an outdoor location that allows you to transition seamlessly through the various training methods, which helps to maintain and control intensity and naturally boost adrenaline.

We concentrate on Core Exercises that return strength to the Core Muscle System, which includes the muscles of your glutes, lumbo hip complex, abdominals, spine and lats. Strengthening your core will unlock athletic potential you may have never experienced or will return you to your high school or college glory days of ultimate fitness.

As we age we generally become more sedentary because of life's circumstances. We stop playing and playing is what gave us incredible core strength in our youth.  Our goal at San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camps is to return your core to it's youthful strength or give you a new core strength that you have never fully realized. Let San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camps be your path back to great shape and health. Boot Camp training is our passion, come and get motivated with us at one of our beautiful Boot Camp Locations.

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San Diego Core Fitness Boot Camp